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PUMI: PUMI 1.0.0 Released
Added by E. Seegyoung Seol over 4 years ago

PUMI_MESH (FMDB): FMDB 1.4.0 Released
FMDB 1.4.0 focusing on enrichment of multi-part related functions and static partitioning performance improvement
Added by E. Seegyoung Seol about 5 years ago

PUMI_MESH (FMDB): FMDB 1.3.9 Released
FMDB 1.3.9 focusing on multiple-part & p-set migration/partitioning is released
Added by E. Seegyoung Seol over 5 years ago

ITAPS: ITAPS 1.4 Released
Added by Mark Miller over 5 years ago

PUMI_MESH (FMDB): FMDB 1.3.8 Released
Added by E. Seegyoung Seol over 5 years ago

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Latest projects

  • meshes (08/19/2013 02:20 pm)

    svn co http://redmine.scorec.rpi.edu/svn/meshes

  • CSESeminars (08/16/2013 01:47 pm)

    Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Seminar Series will serve to provide an informal platform for exchange and collaboration among computational science researchers. The speakers are intended to be graduate students and post-doctoral researchers who work in this broad area. Occasionally, guest speakers from outside RPI will be invited. ...

  • PUMI (06/28/2013 11:00 am) PUMI is a parallel unstructured mesh management infrastructure to support a full range of operations on unstructured meshes on massively parallel computers consisting of the following libraries:
    • PCU: Communication, threading, and file IO built on MPI ...
  • Albany at RPI (04/09/2013 02:02 pm)

    Albany serves as a demonstration application of new libraries, advanced solution and discretization capabilities, and new software development methods focused towards challenging applications in computational mechanics.

    As for the integration of Albany with SCOREC's MeshAdapt, two major steps were taken (1) Integration of SCOREC's GMI/FMDB with Albany: The development to transform geometric model/mesh data loaded in GMI and FMDB into Albany-compatible data structure which is based on exodus, is completed, and demonstrated in both serial and parallel regression tests. (2) The integration of SCOREC's MeshAdapt: The development is well underway. A template interface to the meshAdapt capability in Albany is completed and being tested; thus far two traits classes have been developed to demonstrate isotropic adaptation designed to maintain high quality finite elements during large deformation and material necking events....

  • Biotissue (07/18/2012 02:17 pm)

    Multiscale model of soft tissue.

    Anonymous (read only) access: svn co http://redmine.scorec.rpi.edu/anonsvn/biotissue

    Current working version: /branches/biotissue_amsi

    Please see wiki: https://www.scorec.rpi.edu/wiki/Biotissue_Project