Bug #302

error on FMDB make

Added by Kedar Chitale about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:08/03/2011
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Assignee:E. Seegyoung Seol% Done:


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Target version:1.3.4


I am trying to build phParAdapt on ranger with autotools and encountered some undefined references while 'make -j 8' of fmdb (trunk, latest). I have attached the log file of make. It is probably trying to make test/serial in fmdb. The configure command I used is as follows:

./configure --disable-shared --with-mpi=$MPIHOME --with-gmi=$SCOREC_SOFTWARE/gmi-install --with-ipcomman=$SCOREC_SOFTWARE/ipcomman-install --with-scorecutil=$SCOREC_SOFTWARE/scorecutil-install --with-iterators=$SCOREC_SOFTWARE/siter --with-zoltan=$ZOLTAN_HOME --with-parmetis=$PARMETIS_HOME --prefix=$SCOREC_SOFTWARE/fmdb-install




#1 Updated by Cameron Smith about 6 years ago

I was helping Kedar on Ranger with this. It appears to be a problem with static linking, see --disable-shared in the configure command, of test/serial. Is this known to work?

#2 Updated by Kedar Chitale about 6 years ago

I am unable to upload a log file, so here is a path to it /share/home/01606/kchitale/Autotools.SCOREC/fmdb/make.log2. This is on TACC ranger.

#3 Updated by E. Seegyoung Seol about 6 years ago

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