Bug #339

migration seg. fault after mutiple part distribution

Added by E. Seegyoung Seol almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:01/09/2012
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Target version:v1.3.8


migration procedure doesn't run after multiple part distribution.

To replicate:

distributed mesh? NO # parts per proc: 2 # migration steps: 10
do ghosting? NO
write mesh files? NO

MPIHOME/bin/mpirun -np 8 singlePart_parallel ../meshes/cube_16K.sms out.sms 0 10 2 0 0

16_512_slacTDR_RGN - parma output from run on Avatar: mpirun -np 16 <mesh> 32 1 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 (837 KB) Cameron Smith, 02/02/2012 04:16 pm

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#2 Updated by E. Seegyoung Seol over 5 years ago

The quick fix for this error is put in r3423.

However, this issue is still open since we've noticed seg. fault in some cases (test/parallel/main.cc which does aggressive testing by doing migration with randomly picked partition object while incresing #parts from 1 to 19 gradually.

Please be noted that the API for FMDB_Mesh_Migr changed now to take both "global" source part id and "global" dest. part id for each partition object (entity and p-set).

#3 Updated by Cameron Smith over 5 years ago

With ParMA r133 ran on a 512 part mesh, 32 parts per process on 16 processes, a seg fault occurs at line 788 of mPart.cc in the call to FMDB_Mesh_DspNumEnt(...) on line 179 after migration. Attached is a log file from the run. FMDB r3428 was compiled in debug mode.

The input mesh is here:


#4 Updated by E. Seegyoung Seol over 5 years ago

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Multi-part migration is now in service. To use multi-part, call

int FMDB_Mesh_SetNumPart (pMeshMdl mesh, int numPart);

before migration or global partitioning. For more information, please refer to the User's Guide or the sample code located in $FMDB_SRC/test/parallel.

Also, please let us know any further errors and issues you encounter. Thanks for your patience.

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