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CSE Seminar Series: A Tutorial on Albany Code for PDEs - speakers/coordinators: Brian Granzow and Zhen Li

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CSE Seminar Series

Title: A Tutorial on Albany Code for PDEs

Speakers/coordinators: Brian Granzow and Zhen Li

When: 4-4:45 PM, Friday 20th Sept
Where: CII 3206

Albany is a general software framework for solving PDEs on large-scale
computers. A brief introduction to the motivations and capabilities of
the software will be given, followed by a general overview of the
structure of the code. A hands-on tutorial will be held to demonstrate
the construction and solution of a linear elasticity problem using
Albany. If time allows, post-processing techniques to extract and
visualize data using Paraview will also be covered.

A major goal of the tutorial is to introduce the Albany software and how
to encode a variational form for a specific PDE. To this end, references
to resources on compiling Albany and running basic examples will be
provided via the SCOREC Redmine website.

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