ITAPS 1.2 Released

Added by Mark Miller over 6 years ago

Announcing the 1.2 release of ITAPS interfaces & services.

This release announcement consists of the following sections

1. Overview
2. Software in this release
3. Obtaining the software
4. Interface Compliance
5. Compliance Variations

1. Overview

ITAPS is a collaboration focused on the development of common interfaces to
geometry, mesh, and associated data, and on the development of services
interacting through these interfaces. The iMesh interface provides access
to unstructured mesh and data associated with that mesh. ITAPS is also
developing the iGeom interface, for accessing CAD data, iMeshP, providing
parallel mesh functionality and constructs, and iRel, for relating entities
between these interfaces.

The 1.2 release of ITAPS consists mainly of an update to the iMesh interface,
with coordinated releases of the various services using or implementing iMesh.
A major focus of effort for this release is on software quality and interface
compliance testing, primarily for the iMesh interface. Nonetheless,
various of the software products that are part of this release also include
implementations of iGeom, iMeshP and iRel.

2. Software in this Release

This release consists of the following implementations of the ITAPS interfaces
(implementations marked with an asterisk (*) also include partial
implementations of iMeshP):

iMesh: FMDB*, GRUMMP, MOAB*, RefImpl
iGeom: CGM, GMI
iRel: Lasso

The following mesh-based services are also included:
Mesquite (mesh smoothing)
Swapping (topological mesh improvement)
eyeMesh browser (mesh metadata browsing)
Zoltan (mesh partitioning)
VisIt plugins (visualization)
PyTaps (Python interfaces to iMesh, iGeom, iRel)

More information on these implementations and services can be found from the
ITAPS web site (

3. Obtaining the software

To obtain and install these various software products, it is probably
easiest to use a new tool developed for this purpose; build_itaps. You
can use wget, curl or 'svn co' to obtain this tool...

for a short primer in using build_itaps.

Not all services have been integrated into the build_itaps script. For those
that are not, separate README files explain how to build those products.

4. iMesh Interface Compliance

Constructing an application from a diverse set of independently developed
software components can be a challenging task. Although common interfaces
like iMesh simplify that task, it must still be verified that all
components implement the parts of iMesh required by a given application.
We have developed an iMesh compliance test suite, containing over 1000
separate checks on the implementation and behavior of various iMesh functions.
While the compliance test is not comprehensive, it does cover the majority of
functionality provided through iMesh. The iMesh implementations provided with
version 1.2 of ITAPS have the following pass rates for the current compliance

iMesh implementations (-compliance)
MOAB (98
), FMDB (100%), GRUMMP (100%), RefImpl (100%)

The only major functionality in iMesh not tested in the current compliance
test is creation of 3D entities.

For implementation specific variations from the specification, please see the
individual product's release notes for more information.

5. Compliance Variations of Significance
Below we enumerate compliance variations of significance. These
are slated to be addressed by the next (1.3) release.

1. Generic data functions use void* for the data pointer type in the
specification but implementations may use void** requiring explicit
cast by caller. See
2. Behavior of iterators when associated entity set undergoes modification
may vary between implementations.
3. 3D mesh entity creation from vertices or edges not supported by all
iMesh implementations. See