ITAPS 1.3 Released

Added by Mark Miller over 6 years ago

Announcing Release 1.3 of ITAPS Interfaces and Services with focus on
Parallel Mesh interface, iMeshP

Users may obtain help and send feedback to itaps-users at

This announcement consists of the following information
1. iMeshP Release Details
2. iField Release Details
3. Details regarding other ITAPS interfaces in this release

1. iMeshP Release Details

This release focuses primarily on the Parallel Mesh interface, iMeshP.

This is an alpha release of iMeshP interface specification AND implementations.

We are making this alpha release available to users to solicit feedback on the interface specification itself as well as experiences with the available implementations of that interface, FMDB from RPI and MOAB from ANL.

Implementations of iMeshP are ongoing and will continue to evolve and improve in the coming months. This is a great opportunity for users to get involved and provide feedback.

Portions of the iMeshP interface specification are still in flux. In addition, the available implementations of iMeshP emphasize different aspects of the interface. Details of these differences can be found in each implementation's respective release notes.

Users may obtain iMeshP implementations here...

Presently, the build_itaps tool that helps users build previous (serial) releases of ITAPS software does not support parallel configuration, build and installation of ITAPS software products. Therefore, users will have to obtain and follow each implementation's respective software installation procedures.

Complete documentation on all ITAPS interfaces is available here

2. iField Release Details

Also included in this release is an alpha release of the ITAPS field interface specification, iField. Implementations of iField are under way but this 1.3 ITAPS release includes only the iField interface specification. The implementations are not being released at this time but will be in the next ITAPS release.

Users may obtain the iField interface specification here

3. Other Details

Minor bug fixes and enhancements to other ITAPS interfaces are also included in this release.

  • iBase:
    • iBase_NO_MESH_DATA error code has been eliminated
  • iMesh:
    • The returned error code argument, 'int *err' has been elimiinated from iMesh_getDescription() and iMesh_getErrorType().
    • Some problems with fortran header files were corrected.
Serial implementations of ITAPS-1.3 interfaces are available at...

In addition, the build_itaps tool obtained here and described here is helpful in building and installing various serial ITAPS implementations and services.