FMDB 1.3.9 Released

FMDB 1.3.9 focusing on multiple-part & p-set migration/partitioning is released
Added by E. Seegyoung Seol over 5 years ago

Announcing FMDB v1.3.9 release with focus on multiple-part & p-set migration/partitioning support

  • Please be advised that the new features are supported only through FMDB.h.
  • Please obtain the source (SCUtil, FMDB) from FMDB repo or tarballs":
  • Click here for full release note
  • (#332) setting ZOLTAN parameters (LB_Method, LB_Approach, imbalance tolerance) for static/dynamic mesh partitioning
    - the user can control partitioning parameters for mesh partitioning
    - static mesh partitioning is to load and distribute serial mesh in parallel
    - dynamic mesh partitioning is local/global mesh re-distribution during parallel mesh modification
  • (#279) parallel mesh file i/o with p-set
    - p-set is one kind of ordered entity set which is assigned to a single part so can be designated as "partition object (a basic unit to assign destination part in migration)"
  • (#303) setting/getting #parts per process
    - The application can change # parts per process dynamically
  • (#328) getting neighboring process/parts
    - A process i neighbors process j if they share mesh entities on part boundary between parts located in process i and process j.
    - A part x neighbors part y if they share mesh entities on part boundary
  • displaying mesh statistics (click here for sample)
    - global statistics with respect to the count (#p-set, #entity) per process. E.g. mesh load imbalance ratio, avg/max/min #p-set, #entity
    - global statistics with respect to the count (#p-set, #entity) per part
    - local (per process) statistics
  • (#392) multi-part partitioning support with P-set
  • (#387) hang during migration after partitionedmesh loading