FMDB 1.4.0 Released

FMDB 1.4.0 focusing on enrichment of multi-part related functions and static partitioning performance improvement
Added by E. Seegyoung Seol about 5 years ago

Announcing FMDB v1.4.0 release with focus on enrichment of multi-part related functions & static partitioning performance improvement

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  • FMDB_Mesh_LoadFromFile - mesh loading time reduced to one third (1/3) of the original
      - prev: the same migration algorithm was used for both static and dynamic partitioning
      - new: migration algorithm developed for static partitioning
  • FMDB_Mesh_Merge
      - merging N part mesh (migrating all parts to part 0 on master process)
  • (#405) FMDB_Vtx_GetLoadPartOrderPair
      - For a vertex, getting loading part id and read-in order from mesh file
  • weight control for dynamic partitioning through Zoltan/ParMETIS
      - FMDB_Ent_Set/Get/DelWeight - set/get/delete weight of individual entity.
      - FMDB_Topo_Set/Get/DelWeight - set/get/delete weight of all entities of topology.
  • FMDB_Mesh_DspStat - mesh load imbalance ratio computation improved to be consisitent with Zoltan/ParMETIS
       - prev: mesh load imbalance ratio computed based on # partition object entities (e.g. regions in 3D)
       - new:  mesh load imbalance ratio computed based on weights per process/part
  • (#416) FMDB_Mesh_Verify collective status report
  • (#415) FMDB_Mesh_Verify for optimized calls
  • (#414) FMDB does not compile on BG/P
  • iMesh.h pass rate: 100%
  • iMeshP.h passrate: 99%
  • iMeshP_ext.h pass rate: not applicable