Generate an MDS (smb) mesh

Set up your environment

source /usr/local/etc/bash_profile
module load mpich3/3.1.2-thread-multiple
module load parmetis/mpich3.1.2/4.0.3
module load zoltan/mpich3.1.2/3.8
module load simmetrix/simModSuite
module load simmetrix/simModeler/4.0-140403;

Generate a Simmetrix mesh

Simmetrix can load Parasolid and Acis CAD geometries.
Assuming you have a valid CAD geometry available:

Open Simmetrix SimModeler

module load simmetrix/simModeler
simmodeler &

Import a geometry

file->Import Geometry

Generate a Simmetrix Mesh

Click on the meshing tab
In the Mesh Attributes viewspace, apply desired mesh attributes
For example:

Mesh Case 1->Apply Local Template->Local Medium
+ -> Element Order->Quadratic (Curved)->Apply/Close
Generate Mesh
Show Mesh

Save the Simmetrix Model (.smd) and Simmetrix Mesh (.sms)

File->Save Mesh
Save Model <model-name.smd>
Save Mesh <mesh-name.sms>

Convert the Simmetrix Mesh (.sms) to an MDS mesh (.smb)

load pumi module

module load pumi

convert mesh

convert <simmetrix-model.smd> <simmetrix-mesh.sms> <mds-mesh.smb>

(Optional) Convert the Simmetrix Model (.smd) to Mesh Model (.dmg)

requires pumi module to be loaded

mdlConvert <simmetrix-model.smd> <mesh-model.dmg>

(Optional) Partition the MDS mesh to multiple parts

requires pumi module to be loaded

split <mesh-model.dmg> <mds-mesh.smb> <mds-parallel-mesh.smb> <partition factor>