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Zhen LI, 09/20/2013 03:14 pm

Running Albany

For this tutorial, we will be running the elasticity problem described in Generating_an_Input_File on SCOREC workstations.

Log onto a SCOREC workstation with your user name and password.
A list of workstation can be found on https://www.scorec.rpi.edu/wiki/List_of_Computers
Open a terminal by clicking the drop-down menu "Applications"

Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

Once the terminal is open, type

cd /fasttmp/${USER}

If the error "No such file or directory" appears, you can stay in your home directory on SCOREC
machines. (For example /users/${USER})

First copy the input file to your current directory.

cp /fasttmp/liz13/AlbanyTest/WorkShop/WorkShop_Sept20/ElastBeamBending3D/inputScale.xml .

To run the problem, we will use an existing Albany build and a version of mpiexec that "plays nicely"
with Albany (not the default mpiexec on SCOREC machines). We will run the problem with 4 processes,
but note that this number could easily be changed.

/users/ghansen/bin/mpiexec -np 4 /fasttmp/liz13/Albany/build/src/Albany inputScale.xml

After running, there will be EXODUS output files "beambending2D.exo" that allow visualization of results
in Paraview.