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Lijuan Zhang, 11/20/2012 04:47 pm

Build Instructions

The Build Environment
  • Create a directory into which you intend to checkout the project, set an environment variable name $BIOTISSUE_DIR to this directory path.

Checking out the Code
  • Enter the following commands to check out the project and necessary dependencies into the $BIOTISSUE_DIR directory:
     svn co http://redmine.scorec.rpi.edu/svn/biotissue/trunk $BIOTISSUE_DIR

Building the Project Libraries
  • Enter the following commands to build the dependent projects:
     source $BIOTISSUE_DIR/scripts/CompilationMatrix-SIM
     source $BIOTISSUE_DIR/Config/configPara.env
  • You may wish to execute the Build_Dep.sh script line-by-line rather than all at once in order to debug any possibly issues that arise. If you do encounter any problems, please submit an issue to the Redmine project.
  • Once the dependent projects are build, you can build the project libraries using the following:

Building a Test Case
  • Test cases are located in the $BIOTISSUE_DIR/macro/test/ directory, when you've selected a test case to build simply enter the following command in that test directory to complete the final compilation of the simulation

Building the Optimized Version
  • In order to build optimized libraries and executables several changes need to be made to the above steps.
    • The first source command in the Building the Project Libraries section should source the CompilationMatrix-SIM-OPT file.
    • The Compile.sh scripts (both of them) shouldn't be called, instead call the CompileOPT.sh scripts in the same directories.

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