There are three methods to compile FMDB and other SCOREC S/W.



  1. checkout_all assumes that your SVN username is the same as the one set in the terminal in which the function is called. If it is not then set the SVN_USER variable at the top of the script.
  2. GNU Autotools. If
    which autoconf; which libtool; which automake
    returns three directory paths, then you should be OK.


This was tested on SCOREC machines, Janus, and Kaust:

Download the script for building and installing FMDB and all dependencies:


Open the script in a text editor and set the variables:

  • CXX, CC and FC to the respective MPI compiler wrappers
  • PREFIX to the directory where you would like the include and lib sub-directories installed (they will contain headers and libraries)
  • BUILD_DIR specifies the name of the out-of-source build directory name within each component. This is useful when building for multiple platforms/compilers/options etc.. from the same source files.
  • INSTALL_PARASOLID [Optional] specify the path to the Parasolid install directory.

Run the script

chmod +x ./ 
./ download_and_build_zoltan  
./ checkout_all
./ setup_all
./ install_all

After that everything should be installed into the current directory (i.e. lib and include be there). It is broken up into steps so that its easier to retry after failures.

Build FMDB serial and parallel test

cd /Path/To/FMDB/Build/Directory
make check