FMDB Trunk Info

The FMDB 1.2 version, the fixed_rep branch, was merged into trunk Thursday night. This merge contains major changes to both the API and the internal implementation of FMDB.

Please refer to the FMDB User's Guide for information and API documents here:

Questions, bugs, and feature requests should be reported via the FMDB Redmine Issue tracking system. Create a new Issue using this Redmine page:

SCORECModel has been removed from FMDB trunk. SCORECModel should be downloaded from the GMI repository:

To build FMDB in serial and parallel please follow the instructions here:

Note that these scripts are setup for building everything from source; they are not configured to detect changes in specific components and only recompile/link them. The systems FMDB has been tested on are listed here:

Building on a BlueGene L and P is still being tested. If there are any problems or questions with compilation or linking please create a new Issue using the Redmine page to report them.

When FMDB is built in parallel or serial the serial test here:
is built and ran.

If this test does not pass do not continue using FMDB and report the problem via a Redmine Issue; preferably with the build log and the log file from the test attached. There is also a parallel test here:
that is built when FMDB is built with support for distributed meshes.

At this time this test must be ran manually following the instructions in the local README file.

The FMDB repository has been reorganized and now has the following structure:

      software/                      # source code
      docs/                           # documentation
      www/                           # website files

SVN commands ran on an existing checkout made prior to the restructuring may fail due to this change in structure. Please checkout from top of trunk SVN if this occurs.

The FMDB developers will be working in a branch and periodically updating trunk. Please run SVN update prior to building FMDB source code if working from an previous checkout so that you will have the latest changes.

For any questions or issues on FMDB distribution and version management, contact Cameron Smith ().