GeneratingVisualizing FMDB Meshes

Generating mesh using Simmetrix

To generate mesh

- run /net/common/meshSim/simModeler.latest/simmodeler
1. Import geometry
2. Select Meshing>Mesh Attributes
3. Click '+' in the top left corner and set mesh size "relative"
4. Enter mesh size and click "Apply/Close"
4. Select Meshing>Generate Mesh and click "Start"
- For more information on simmodeler, refer to

To convert Simmetrix mesh to FMDB-readable mesh

- run /fasttmp/seol/simmetrix/SimMeshGen/test/SimMesh2FMDB
input arg[1] is simmetrix mesh file
input arg[2] is output fmdb mesh file
input arg[3] is a path to symmetric license file

To convert acis model file to GMI-readable model file

- run /fasttmp/seol/simmetrix/SimMeshGen/test/ConvertAcis2GMI
input arg[1] is acis model file.
GMI-readable model file "newmodel.sat" is created

Getting Model Information

To know model face ID (tag)

- use /net/common/meshSim/simModeler.latest/simmodeler
1. import geometry
2. select model face

To know mid point of each model face

- use /net/common/meshSim/simapps.latest/linux64/SimAppS-SDK/simapps ThreeDViewer
select mesh face and use menu "Get Info"
- For more information on ThreeDViewer, refer to

Visualizing the mesh and results

- For more information on visualizing mesh with paraview, refer to