Release Note v132





  • single part per mesh instance
  • single partition per process

Bug Fixes

New API/Features

  • entity creation/search
  • entity set supporting both itaps and BL-MeshAdapt requirements
    - MeshSet: entity set in a mesh (multiple part span)
    - PartSet: entity set in a part (single part span). Designated as partition object by default
  • SCUtil error code (itaps error code + SCOREC additions)

Modified API/Features

  • SCUtil header: SCUtil.h
  • four iterator types
    - MeshSetIter: set iteration in a mesh
    - PartSetIter: set iteration in a part
    - PartEntIter: entity iteration in a part
    - SetEntIter: entity iteration in a set

Removed Fuctions/Files

  • single part file I/O
    - M_load (alternate: FMDB_Mesh_LoadFromFile)
    - M_writeSMS (alternate: FMDB_Mesh_WriteToFile)

Build Change/Note

. is installed when --enable-imesh is turned on
. is installed when --enable-imeshp and --enable-imesh are turned on

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