Release Note v133

Release Date: July 27, 2011

Changed Repo


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  • single part per mesh instance
  • single partition per process
  • user-defined communicator not supported

Bug Fixes

  • NONE

New API/Features

  • given number of processes per communicator, create multiple communicators
       int SCUTIL_SplitComm (int numProcPerComm);
  • size, rank and group ID per communicator
       int SCUTIL_CommSize();
       int SCUTIL_CommRank();
       int SCUTIL_CommGroup(); 
  • system info (hostname, os, etc.) and time/memory cost
    // get memory use increase (MB) since reset
    int SCUTIL_GetCurMem(double *mem);        
    // display input string and memory use increase (MB) since reset
    int SCUTIL_DspCurMem(const char* msg);  
    int SCUTIL_ResetRsrc();   // reset timer and memory counter
    // get elapsed time and memory increase since reset
    int SCUTIL_GetRsrcDiff(double *time, double *mem);  
    // display input string, elapsed time and memory increase since reset
    int SCUTIL_DspRsrcDiff(const char* msg);  
     // display system (hostname, os, etc.) 
    int SCUTIL_DspSysInfo(); 

Modified API/Features

  • SCUtil header: SCUtil.h (prev: GUM.h)
  • Parallel service api starts with SCUTIL_ (prev: FMDB_)
    int SCUTIL_Init(MPI_Comm comm);
    int SCUTIL_Finalize(void);
    int SCUTIL_SplitComm (int numProc);
    int SCUTIL_SetComm (MPI_Comm comm);
    int SCUTIL_GetComm (MPI_Comm *comm);
    int SCUTIL_CommSize();
    int SCUTIL_CommRank ();
    int SCUTIL_CommGroup();
    int SCUTIL_Sync(void);

Removed Fuctions/Files

  • single part file I/O
    - PM_load (alternate: FMDB_Mesh_LoadFromFile with distributed file option)

Build Change/Note

  • NONE

Known Bugs

  • make check failure due to broken tag file i/o

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