Release Note v134




  • single part per mesh instance
  • single partition per process

Bug Fixes

  • memory leak error (#295)
  • make check error with autotool (#302)

New API/Features

  • [SCUtil.h] tag type enum
    typedef enum SCUTIL_TagType { SCUtil_BYTE=0,       /*1*/ SCUtil_INT,     /*2*/ SCUtil_DBL,
                                  /*3*/ SCUtil_ENT,    /*4*/ SCUtil_SET};
  • [FMDB.h] getting tag handles
       // getting tag handles created on mesh instance 
       int FMDB_Mesh_GetTag (pMeshMdl mesh, std::vector<pTag>& tags);
       // getting tag handles attached to a part/set/entity
       int FMDB_Part_GetTag ((pPart part, std::vector<pTag>& tags);
       int FMDB_Set_GetTag (pEntSet set, std::vector<pTag>& tags);
       int FMDB_Ent_GetTag (pMeshEnt ent, std::vector<pTag>& tags);
  • [FMDB.h] checking whether a tag handle is in use
       int FMDB_Tag_IsUse (pTag tag, int* in_use);

Modified API/Features

  • [FMDB.h] tag creation/deletion and search
        // OLD
        int FMDB_Tag_Create (pMeshMdl mesh, const char* tagName, int tagType, int tagSize, int traceable, pTag* tag);
        int FMDB_Tag_Del (pMeshMdl mesh, pTag* tag, int forceDel);
        int FMDB_Tag_Exist (pMeshMdl mesh, pTag tag, int *exist);
        // NEW
        int FMDB_Mesh_DelTag (pMeshMdl mesh, pTag tag, int forceDel);
        int FMDB_Mesh_FindTag (pMeshMdl mesh, const char* tagName, pTag& tag);
        int FMDB_Mesh_HasTag (pMeshMdl mesh, const pTag tag, int *has);
  • [FMDB.h] tag info api: mesh instance handle removed, string length added
        // OLD
        int FMDB_Tag_GetType (pMeshMdl mesh, pTag tag, int* type);
        int FMDB_Tag_GetName (pMeshMdl mesh, pTag tag, char* tag_name);
        int FMDB_Tag_GetSize (pMeshMdl mesh, pTag tag, int* size);
        int FMDB_Tag_GetByte (pMeshMdl mesh, pTag tag, int* byte);
        // NEW 
        int FMDB_Tag_GetType (pTag tag, int* type);
        int FMDB_Tag_GetName (pTag tag, char* tag_name, int name_len);
        int FMDB_Tag_GetSize (pTag tag, int* size);
        int FMDB_Tag_GetByte (pTag tag, int* byte)

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