Release Note v136

RELEASE DATE: November 29, 2011

[FMDB] Repo:
[SCUtil] Repo:
[GMI] Repo:


  • single partition per process

Bug Fixes

  • [FMDB] (#301) Writing out VTK files through FMDB.h
  • [FMDB-iMesh] FMDB valgrind errors with iMesh compliance test

New API/Features

  • [FMDB.h] optionally setting # parts per mesh before calling FMDB_Mesh_GlobPtn
       int FMDB_Mesh_SetNumPart(pMeshMdl mesh, int numPart);
  • [FMDB.h] Tag import/export for VTK files

Modified API/Features

  • [FMDB.h] part creation/deletion
        // OLD
        int FMDB_Part_Create (pMeshMdl mesh, pPart& part);
        int FMDB_Part_Del (pMeshMdl mesh, pPart& part);
        // NEW
        int FMDB_Mesh_CreatePart (pMeshMdl mesh, pPart& part);
        int FMDB_Mesh_DelPart (pMeshMdl mesh, pPart& part);
  • [FMDB.h] getting # local part information
        // OLD
        int FMDB_Mesh_GetPart (pMeshMdl mesh, int procId, pPart& part);
        int FMDB_Mesh_GetNumPart (pMeshMdl mesh, int procId, int* numPart);
        // NEW
        int FMDB_Mesh_GetPart (pMeshMdl mesh, int ith, pPart& part);  // i'th part on local process
        int FMDB_Mesh_GetNumPart (pMeshMdl mesh, int* numPart);

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