Release Note v138

RELEASE DATE: Feb 2, 2012

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[SCUtil] Repo:
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  • single partition (communicator) per process
  • the same number of parts per mesh instance

Known Bugs/Issues

See Issue Tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • [FMDB] (#373) iMesh fortran test failures
  • [FMDB] (#320) FMDB_FMDB_LoadFromFile hangs for wrong input
  • [FMDB] (#339) invalidated mesh after multi-part distribution
  • [FMDB] (#353) Wrong partition model exported to sms mesh files causing invalid part boundary when loaded back

New API/Features

  • [FMDB.h] (#303) process grouping - each process group to load individual mesh onto multi-part and modify/migrate/load_balance/export the mesh independently
     int SCUTIL_CommSize()  // getting # processes in MPI_COMM
     int SCUTIL_CommRank() // getting rank in MPI_COMM
     int SCUTIL_SplitComm (int numProcGrp);    // setting # process groups 
     int SCUTIL_CommGrp(); // getting process group ID = SCUTIL_CommRank()/SCUTIL_GrpSize()
     int SCUTIL_GrpSize(); // getting # process in process group
     int SCUTIL_GrpRank(); // getting rank in process group

Modified API/Features

  • [FMDB.h] getting part handle(s)
     int FMDB_Mesh_GetPart (pMeshMdl mesh, int ith, pPart part);  // getting i'th local part
     int FMDB_Mesh_GetAllPart(pMeshMdl mesh, int proc_rank, std::vector<pPart> parts);  // getting all parts on process
  • [FMDB.h] mesh migration
int FMDB_Mesh_Migr (pMeshMdl mesh, pmMigrationCallbacks& migrCB,
                    map<pMeshEnt,int>& EntToMigr); // int: global dest. part id

int FMDB_Mesh_Migr (pMeshMdl mesh, pmMigrationCallbacks& migrCB,
                    map<pMeshEnt, std::pair<int, int> >& EntToMigr,    //  std::pair<int, int>: global source part id + global dest. part id
                    map<pEntSet, std::pair<int, int> >& SetToMigr);   // /std::pair<int, int>: global source part id + global dest. part id

Removed Fuctions/Files

  • [include/M_writeVTKFile.h]
     void M_writeVTKFile (pMeshMdl, const char*);

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