The Inter-Processor Communication Manager (IPComMan) is designed to improve the scalability of data exchange costs by exploiting communications of a local neighborhood for each processor. The basic idea of the package is to keep the message-passing within subdomains, and eliminate, or reduce, the number of collective calls needed. The communication tool takes care of the message flow with a subset of MPI functions and takes advantage of non-blocking functions from both sender’s and receiver’s sides. IPComMan automatically manages the completion and delivery of send and receive requests posted while overlapping communication with computation. The package provides several useful features: i) automatic message packing, ii) management of sends and receives with non-blocking MPI functions, iii) communication pattern reusability, iv) asynchronous behavior unless the other is specified, and v) support of dynamically changing neighborhoods during communication steps.

For more details about the communication package and how to check out and install, please refer to the Wiki.

The description of IPComMan and its API is located here:

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