Steps to add new project members

In order to add new project members, those members have to have...

  • svn commit privileges
  • the ability to edit content on the redmine site
  • the ability to post and recieve messages from itaps-dev
  • the ability to recieve messages on itaps-commits and/or itaps-interface-commits
  1. Go to and subscribe the new user
    • Anyone with admin privileges for can do this step
    • Might be easiest just to have new member post a test message to itaps-dev and then follow instructions in the resulting admin bounce message that gets sent to itaps-dev-owners.
  2. Instruct the new project member to go here,, and request a new redmine account.
  3. Send email to Mark M. and Tim W. (, ) to give them a heads up about new member.
  4. Intstruct the new project member to go here, and subscribe to itaps-commits and itaps-interface-commits
    • THIS STEP NO LONGER NECESSARY itaps-commits now forwards to itaps-dev.
  5. Explain to new member that after they register, they will get an automated email within the subsequent hour with instructions on what to do to complete the registration.
  6. Explain to the new member that after completing registration, they should send email to Mark M. () to request that s/he be added to the project as a developer.
  7. Explain to the new member that after gaining access to redmine/svn repo, they should refer to for basic info in getting started.
  8. Might want to send an email to itaps-dev introducing new member to everyone else.