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David Huynh, 07/31/2013 09:10 am



Build the PUMI stack:

Build ParMA:

  svn co https://redmine.scorec.rpi.edu/svn/parma/trunk parma
  #edit the source:/trunk/buildScripts/parma_install.sh file as described above for the scorec stack build script
  chmod +x ./parma/buildScripts/parma_install.sh
  ./parma/buildScripts/parma_install.sh setup_all
  ./parma/buildScripts/parma_install.sh install_all

Running ParMA [on SCOREC Systems]:
example [In directory with parmaDriver executable with an input mesh subdirectory b_torus_out]:

/usr/local/openmpi/latest/bin/mpirun -np 8 ./parmaDriver -m ../b_torus_out/b_torus_out.sms -t 11 -v 1 

-np must be set to the number of parts in the mesh, -m must be set to the input mesh, -t is set to the desired test case, either -v [-e, -f -r] must be set to determine vertex, element, face, region balancing respectively (in general, -v 1 produces really good results for ParMA Diffusive Multi-Criteria)

Heavy Part Splitting

Diffusive Multi-Criteria Partition Improvement