PUMI 1.0.0 Released

Added by E. Seegyoung Seol over 4 years ago

Announcing PUMI v1.0.0 release with new api spec.


OSI 3-clause BSD

PUMI Components

1. pcu with header file pumi_comm.h

2. pumi_geom with header file pumi_geom.h

3. pumi_util with header file pumi.h

4. pumi_mesh with header filepumi_mesh.h

5. parma with header file "pumi_partition.h" (NOT SUPPORTED in V1.0)

6. pumi_field with header file "pumi_field.h" (NOT SUPPORTED in V1.0)


ALL PUMI api function names consists of three words connected with ’_’.

  • the first word is ”PUMI”
  • the second word is an operation target. The first letter is upper case and the rest of letters are lower case. If the operation target is system-wide, the second word is ommited. For instance, the function that initializes the PUMI service, PUMI_Init, doesn’t have the second word.
  • the third word is the operation description. If the api function returns an error code indicating the operation succeeded or not, the third word starts with verb. Otherwise, the third word starts with noun. The first letter of verb and noun is upper case. The rest of letters are lower case. For example, the function PUMI_Part_GetNumEntType gets the number of mesh entities in a part with specific type and returns 0 (PUMI_SUCCESS) or an error code defined in pumi_errorcode.h. The function _PUMI_MeshEnt_I_D returns mesh entity’s ID.

Build Instruction

1. Check out from

svn co

2. Edit

3. Run functions with

./ checkout_all: to checkout source codes from the svn repository
./ update all: to update source codes from the svn repository
./ setup_all: to set-up before build
./ install_all: to build and install
./ uninstall_all: to uninstall
./ download_and_build_zoltan: download, build, and install zoltan

4. PUMI Application Development

  • Include compilation flag PUMI_PARALLEL for parallel development


Note not all services are available. The following are UNDER DEVELOPMENT.
  • parma library
  • pumi_field library

Also available in: Atom