This is the general entry to the documentation and notes for the project of constructing parallel adaptive simulation loop for SLAC applications

Refer to PUMI wiki for build instructions using cmake.

My cmake executable is at:


Build dir on SCOREC workstations:



/fasttmp/qlu/bin/cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/fasttmp/qlu/cmake-test/install/ -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=/usr/local/openmpi/latest/bin/mpicc -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=/usr/local/openmpi/latest/bin/mpicxx

Automated Builds

Instructions for running automated build scripts on different platforms including SCOREC local workstations, SCOREC clusters, CCNI, and NERSC supercomputers.

Piglet (SCOREC workstation)

Auto build is using


Auto build script is located at


check the log file at


Hydra (SCOREC cluster)

Auto build is using


Auto build script is the same as for portal3, which is located at


check the log file at



SVN is not supported correctly on the CCNI BG/Q. One way to work around this is to checkout all the necessary pieces of software on a local machine (one of the SCOREC workstations), and then secure-copy (scp) them on to CCNI.

# on a SCOREC machine, make a directory
mkdir weekly_build

# check out Scripts 
cd weekly_build
svn co Scripts
ln -s Scripts/checkout/ .

# pack up things
cd ..
tar zcf weekly_build.tar.gz weekly_build;

# send to CCNI
scp weekly_build.tar.gz $CCNI:~/

# get on to CCNI BG/Q
ssh $CCNI;
ssh q;

# unpack
tar zxf weekly_build.tar.gz;

# do the normal things
cd weekly_build;
ln -s Scripts/env/env.bgq .;
source env.bgq;
ln -s Scripts/build/ .;
ln -s Scripts/build/ .;

# a test case to build
cd pumi_geom_sim/examples/BGQ;

# and run

NERSC Hopper

Refer to the Section of Construction of adaptive loop.


Things about Building SCOREC Software

Things about Building SLAC Software

Building 3rd Party Software

Update J.W.'s Adaptive Loop

Construct SCOREC Adaptive Loop

(a) Software Libs on Hopper

Latest version


to build:

svn co Scripts
ln -s Scripts/env/env.hopper .
source env.hopper
ln -s Scripts/checkout/ .
ln -s Scripts/build/ .
ln -s Scripts/build/ .

to run test:

cd curved_meshadapt_omega3p/example/
qsub adv-with-o3p.pbs

(b) Adaptive loop test case on Hopper


build script that works (with scorec_software_old, source the 'env.hopper' file):

(c) Integration with ACDTools test case


build script that works with latest scorec software:

build do a test run:

qsub omega3p.pbs

Construct Simmetrix Adaptive Loop


Useful commands, reminders, etc.