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04:02 pm PUMI_GEOM (GMI) Revision 2565: in GMI/trunk
added two tests files parasolid2topo.cc and toporead.cc to create topo model from a parasolid model and to load in a ...


05:13 pm PHASTA Revision 1472: phasta/phParAdapt/trunk, changes in file elementGradient.cc &
elementHessian.cc, make it be able to compile on ibm (bg/p and
bg/l) machines
04:43 pm PHASTA Revision 1471: in phasta/phParAdapt/trunk, fixed a bug in callback.cc
03:25 pm PHASTA Revision 1470: phasta/phParAdapt/trunk, make changes to compile with latest version of FMDB (2636...
Changes in file attachData.cc to reserved the order of solution field during file I/O.
changes in file myAttribute.cc...
02:39 pm PHASTA Revision 1469: in phasta/phParAdapt/trunk fix a bug in file InverseMap.cc and a bug in attachIBC.cc


01:33 am PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 2636: added function to TopoModel.cc(h) to read a file in from an .smd file created with...


02:54 pm PHASTA Revision 1462: in phasta/phSolver/branches/NGC, make changes to compile on Intrepid
(BG/P system)


03:41 pm PHASTA Revision 1452: create a branch for phastaIO, /branches/mpiIO
will include SyncIO and rbIO..


03:25 pm PHASTA Revision 1449: in phMetis/trunk
remove #ifndef IBM line for log2i function.
03:24 pm PHASTA Revision 1448: in phasta/phSolver/trunk,
change in Makefile, fixed the library path when compiled on bgp

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