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Reported issues: 11


11:35 pm PUMI_GEOM (GMI) Revision 2635: changes in gen_iter_gmi branch
-- used an array of vector containers to replace four separate containers for the application of generic iterator.


12:54 am PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 3514: changes in fmdb trunk
-- the previous precision fix is already in the trunk
12:48 am PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 3513: changes in fmdb trunk
-- fixed the bug in parallel mesh file i/o, the precision of vertex coordinates were dropped from double to single pr...


08:44 pm PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 3500: changes in fmdb trunk
--made a small change for P-set migration time reduction test


04:39 pm PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 3492: changes in fmdb trunk
--fixed a confusing typecasting (from int_mEnt_struct to int_ptr_struct) in zoltan global partition
04:21 pm PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 3491: changes in fmdb trunk
-- cleaned up the main.cc in test/P-set folder
04:03 pm PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 3490: changes in fmdb trunk
-- added two small test meshes in P-set test folder
04:02 pm PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 3489: Changes in fmdb trunk
-- added a test folder for P-set to test P-set partition, migration with multiple parts per process (optional)


02:15 pm PUMI_MESH (FMDB) Revision 3486: Changes in fmdb trunk
-- fixed the bugs in the migration functions (migrateNonPtnObj and migratePtnObj) to deal with P-sets
-- added one fu...


09:21 pm PUMI_GEOM (GMI) Revision 2634: Changes in gen_iter_gmi branch
-- apply the generic iterator on the gmi

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