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01:36 pm FASTMath Revision 1096: Amended one conclusion re SAPs; fixed some typos


12:30 pm FASTMath Revision 1081: Commits to Nonlinear section, Outreach
Changed organization of Nonlinear section to be based
on technical topic instead of software package.
Added Albany a...


07:21 pm FASTMath Revision 1025: Andy -- attempt at summary table
Not sure what the columns really mean, but
took a stab at it.
05:01 pm FASTMath Revision 1024: Andy adding 3 highlight slides: 2f,3b,4a
01:14 pm FASTMath Revision 1023: PISCEES table text: add Dan Martin's revisions
12:49 pm FASTMath Revision 1022: Add Miller text, Revise MOAB text, add PISCEES info
Added text Mark Miller sent me, and cut it down a bit.
Cut down Vijay's contributions a bit to get closer to
page lim...


02:12 pm FASTMath Revision 952: NOX entries to Algebraic.tex table
01:21 pm FASTMath Revision 949: Andy added NOX content to Nonliear solvers


05:42 pm FASTMath Revision 945: Adding writing assignments for IntegratedTech


07:23 pm FASTMath Revision 771: Andy: added some data

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