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04:10 pm PHASTA Revision 2157: changes in phParAdapt/branches/phParAdaptLibrary: - added debugging print of the size field
04:05 pm PHASTA Revision 2156: changes in phasta/phSolver/branches/Adapt/cycleDrivers: - added missing return to CheckError(); exiting if solver fails; removed call to phA->deallocateRequired...
04:04 pm PHASTA Revision 2155: changes in phSolver/branches/Adapt:
M common/pointer.f90 - changed MAXBLK2 to 5000
A common/LU.f90 - module containing lucmp and lubksb functions ...
12:35 pm PHASTA Revision 2154: Changes to phParAdapt/branches/phParAdaptLibrary:
M interface/ added the correct check to make sure the UMap pointer is not...


05:02 pm PHASTA Revision 2152: change in phSolver/branches/Adapt/cycleDrivers: - removed call to phA->deallocateRequiredFieldMap, this was causing a double free -...
05:00 pm PHASTA Revision 2151: changes in phSolver/branches/Adapt/interface:
src/phSolver.cpp - phSolver::DeallocateProducedFields() calling fortran function to deallocate the produced field
04:58 pm PHASTA Revision 2150: changes in phSolver/branches/Adapt:
common/readnblk.f90 - passing correct pointer to C for the timestep field
common/memoryManagement.f90 - added functio...
04:56 pm PHASTA Revision 2149: changes in phParAdapt/branches/phParAdaptLibrary:
M fileless_test/ - changed hardcoded timestep value from 10 to 1
M - added call to wr...


06:17 pm PHASTA Revision 2146: changes in phSolver/branches/Adapt/common:
globalArrays.f90 - calling destructor for MPI derived types only when there is more then one processor
05:50 pm PHASTA Revision 2145: Changes to phSolver/branches/Adapt/cycledrivers:
Added a 1 processor cube case for full cycle testing

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