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04:15 pm ITAPS Revision 3244: Seegyound asked me for a copy of this paper, and I had to tweak some
things to produce a PDF, so I thought I should commit those.


11:22 am FASTMath Wiki edit: Software_Strategies_Committee_Meeting_Notes (#16)


12:39 pm ITAPS Revision 3241: A minor change: the test of ability to set adjacency table no longer
assumes that an implementation is capable of storing faces in 3D.


08:08 pm ITAPS Bug #429 (Resolved): GUMMP 0.6.3 not compiling against gcc 4.6.3
First Mark breaks my code with ancient compiler versions, now with one that was released a year after this GRUMMP ver...


12:47 pm ITAPS Revision 3229: Updating old (release 1.3) links to point to release 1.4. I've checked
to be sure that the files pointed to actually exist (as opposed to being
files in the repo that didn't change for 1.4...
09:48 am ITAPS Bug #375 (Closed): GRUMMP not loading sets and tags from iMesh_unitTest VTK output
This turns out to have been an issue with mapping file names: everything worked when the given name was filename and ...


06:36 pm ITAPS Revision 3228: Fixed the make test target (file has moved).


07:34 pm ITAPS Bug #372: not sufficient to build HelloMesh out of the box
This works just fine for me. Mark, what compiler version is it that's giving you problems with this?


11:37 am ITAPS Revision 3221: Re-added the swapping tarball.


07:00 pm ITAPS Revision 3220: Updating link for swap service to v 1.4.

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